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Last update: 1 Sep 2014

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A few more photos from the school.

In the recent years fixed-parameter tractability emerged as one of the main trends in modern algorithmics. Following the success of the 2009 AGAPE summer school on Corsica, we are happy to announce that the next School on Parameterized Algorithms and Complexity will take place in August 2014, at Conference Center in Będlewo, Poland.

The school program will contain basic introductory courses as well as an overview of very recent developments, including many exercises and open problems. We target at interested excellent master students, grad students and young researchers willing to join the research in parameterized algorithms and complexity. However, even a more experienced participant will find many of the presentations interesting and fruitful. 

The lectures are planned to start on Monday, 18th August 2014 in the morning and continue until lunch on Friday, 22nd August. See here for more on programme of the school.

A participant fee of 900 PLN (around 220 EUR) will cover accommodation and full board during the event. We expect to be able to provide support for interested researchers with funding difficulties.

The workshop is supported by European Research Council grants "Rigorous Theory of Preprocessing" (no. 267959) and "Parameterized Approximation" (no. 306992), as well as by Warsaw Center of Mathematics and Computer Science.